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Ten Reasons to Engage
a Marketing Consultant


During the heady days of the boom, many organizations pushed aside traditional, strategic marketing and adopted a “launch and learn” philosophy. The reason? Markets were moving too fast. “We’ll learn from our mistakes as we go.” Unfortunately, it didn't happen that way: Budgets soared and results were very often hit-or-miss.

But the pendulum is swinging back to basics. Companies are rethinking their need for strategic marketing as the groundwork for sales success and customer satisfaction. What’s more, they’re leveraging the in-depth skills and expertise of professional marketing consultants to create effective solutions and drive business success.

Why should you consider using a professional marketing consultant? You’ve heard reasons such as saving time, gaining specialized expertise, managing rush projects, or minimizing headcount. But these answers only hint at the real value a marketing consultant can bring to your organization. Here are ten reasons that really count.

Drive change. Companies are filled with people who want things to be better as long as everything can stay the same. But improvement means change, and change can be difficult. A marketing consultant acts as a catalyst to help you negotiate change and build the consensus that’s necessary to achieve marketing improvements.

Gain objective input. From the inside, it’s hard to see the big picture and deliver balanced views and opinions. But because a consultant is not involved in the organization’s inner workings, she brings an objectivity and detachment that enables clear thinking and unbiased recommendations. What’s more, she’s able to ask the difficult questions that many times don’t get asked — but need to be.

Deliver fresh insights. Some projects drone on and on. The organization is unable to resolve problems or deliver significant results. The marketing consultant with his innovative view and broad experience can help you think “outside the box” — and guide the development of creative, meaningful solutions.

Investigate problem sources. Marketing problems are easy to spot. Identifying the source of the problem is much more difficult because symptoms masquerade as problems. When problem sources are not correctly identified, turnaround activities tend to focus on symptoms, and resolution is short-lived. A professional marketing consultant can help you discover problem sources, evaluate options, and generate relevant, actionable recommendations.

Evaluate new opportunities. When organizations discover new markets, ideas, and products, enthusiasm for the concept can overwhelm the process, short-circuit investigative analysis, or interrupt dialogues about product viability and market acceptance. A marketing consultant can help you navigate the entire evaluation process and maintain objectivity throughout.

Validate planning. Are you too close to the trees to see the forest? Are you certain your plan is on target, your research accurate, or your customer analysis true? A marketing consultant can examine and validate your findings by asking the right questions to test your proposal. What’s more, she can help you realign your plan if necessary, ultimately strengthening your analysis and final proposal.

Build team effort. Nothing is more important in a consulting engagement than the development of the people equation. A professional marketing consultant values the importance of bringing people together to make effective decisions, and is adept at building consensus and fostering teamwork.

Coach individuals. New people in new situations, or seasoned management facing new challenges — either way, everyone needs a coach from time to time. A professional consultant can advise and coach managers on a regular basis, increasing their knowledge level through thoughtful dialogue, action items, and educational sessions.

Establish process. In companies that move fast or that function in highly competitive industries, streamlining processes can be critical to business success. Whether it’s a go-to-market, communications planning, or implementation process, a professional marketing consultant can help you develop meaningful processes that improve preliminary cycle times and increase overall profitability.

Get better. Want to be more productive, more streamlined, more team oriented, more customer centric, more profit focused, or more value driven? A professional marketing consultant brings her business experience, marketing expertise, and consulting capabilities together to advise and counsel you while developing actionable solutions that help you achieve your goals.

An experienced marketing consultant like ReThink Marketing can create a collaborative environment that sets the stage for engagement success. And whether your organization is expanding, transitioning, or reorganizing, the consultant can be a pivotal factor in establishing and maintaining your competitive edge and achieving positive, bottom-line results.

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