Rethink Marketing



At ReThink Marketing, we provide you with the most flexible and relevant engagement options.

Consulting Engagement
For the majority of our engagements, we collaborate with our clients on carefully defined projects that address strategic business challenges and require a blended suite of
services. See our services and case studies for more information.

Retainer Relationship
We provide strategic marketing support as the next step to the consulting engagement, advising clients and their marketing and agency teams as they implement the recommended strategic plan. We also provide retainer services to new B2B ventures needing expert marketing input.

Group Facilitations
We provide expert, highly customized facilitation services that start with project definition and interviews and conclude with a final management analysis report. Facilitation areas include creative brainstorming, marketing planning and process improvement, project evaluation, mission and values development, and team problem solving.

Agency Collaboration
ReThink Marketing collaborates with agency partners who invite us into their client
engagements — from designers and Web developers to public relations and advertising
We welcome the opportunity to add value by providing the fundamental marketing
segmentation, strategy, positioning, and plan development that precedes promotions
and communications implementation. Contact us to find out more.

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